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Products that we dork out over at Death Defying Diet and want to share with the world.

Product Review: Epi-Pen Carrier

UPDATE: Hey everyone! PillowSewCute is offering a promotional coupon code for this Epi-pen carrier. JULIE15 will give you 15% off the price; expires May 7th. Grab one today! If you haven’t had the chance yet, please go check out the new and improved About section of this blog to discover why I do what IContinue Reading

Ten Most AWESOME Bundt Pans in the History of Ever

Not too long ago, I made a paleo recipe that called for a bundt pan. Not possessing one, I ended up using a muffin pan, which worked just as well. For those of you unfamiliar with bundt cakes and their pans, the term “bundt” doesn’t apply to the cake itself. There’s no special consistency toContinue Reading

Top Ten Essential Death Defying Kitchen Gadgets

The Hubster gave me something that I really wanted for my birthday – an immersion blender! I’ve been checking this thing out and commenting on how awesome it is. This new gadget got us into a deep conversation about the kitchen items that we find most helpful when it comes to cooking food for ourContinue Reading